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The Happy Book Nook

Calm the clutter storm with an easy win - a simple organized system for children's books!

Finally Control The Chaos and Easily Create A Simple & Effective Organized System for Your Kids

Without a lot of time or energy

You know you need TO DO something... Your house might look like a tornado ripped through it with stuff everywhere, or maybe your kids are not engaging for more than a few minutes with their books (or their toys or with anything)...

The problem is not that they have the attention span of a flea, it's that your space is too overwhelming for learning to happen through play and reading books.  That, and you have not had any time to do anything about it.

How do you know where to begin?

This mini-course is the perfect place to start.  The detailed, comprehensive training helps you eliminate excess, set up an organized system for books (with the right kind of books), and create an environment for true learning.  In less time than you think, your house can look like a calm place for you to relax.    

You need an organized space where your kids are engaged, there is less mess for everyone to clean-up AND you can set it up easily without a lot of time or breaking the bank...


by Sarah Hembree, Nest Happy

Watch my step-by-step video trainings and discover how...

  • A system increases the lifetime of your books, makes for easier clean-up, and is actually fun for the whole family!
  • To make de-cluttering and simplifying even easier and sustainable over time
  • To calm the clutter storm in less time than you think
  • Your whole family can feel less overwhelmed and be more engaged
  • The right kinds of books can aid in learning and your child's development
  • To ignite your children's love for reading from the beginning
  • To increase the attention-span of your children (yes I'm talking un-interrupted showers!)

For the price of a few board books you can have a system that will increase the "lifetime" of your existing books triple-fold!

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Who's Nest Happy Anyway?

Sarah Hembree
Sarah Hembree
Nest Happy

Its me! Sarah! Yes, I'm a professional organizer and I make it easier for your to get the results, faster, with me as your leader.

  • As a mom of two young boys I've been there and know where you are starting from and where you might get stuck.
  • I'm proud of my systems as they are field tested and I know THEY WORK!
  • I've laid out a detailed, most efficient framework for you to literally follow and do, what I do, in the instruction videos.

When you grab this offer, you also get access to me and all your questions answered when they arise.

All the info is instantly accessible at your fingertips and organized step-by-step.

What about the Bonuses?

  • BONUS 1:  The Happy Book Nook Action Plan - Getting you results as fast as possible, this download makes the process crystal clear and anyone in your family can get on board. (Value: $19)

  • BONUS 2: Nest Happy Curated Category Cheat Sheet - Not sure what's develompmentally beneficial for your child? This cheat sheet will ensure well -rounded learning and maximum engagement in your home. (Value $16)

  • BONUS 3: Must-Have Books, Nest Happy Book Recommendations - This resource will make crystal-clear what your child needs on his wish list, making everybody, from Grandma down to baby, very happy. (Value $29)

  • BONUS 4: Nest Happy Product Picks - For less money than you might think, a few key products might elevate your "happy" book nook into an "elated" one, ha! This resource has tailored extras to make your specific situation even cozier. (Value $27)

  • BONUS 5: All Your Questions Answered - Accesss to Sarah to get all your questions answered in a Private Facebook Group (Value PRICELESS)

So What's the Investment?

Typically, my clients invest one 2-hour session with me to create their Happy Book Nook. Throw in the awesome Bonuses and the total investment is quite high.  However...

When you snag this offer as an online mini-course, you get instant access to all step-by-step video training content PLUS all the Bonuses for this Early Bird Price.

This Early Bird Price will go up after the first set of online students, so now is the time to buy it.

Enjoy life-time access, receive  all updates and upgrades, and log in anytime 24/7 to view the material.

Are you ready to create YOUR Happy Book Nook?

Yes, Sarah, I'm ready to create calm in my home!

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What Other's are Saying:

Karen Delano, Parent Coach 

If It Were Simple

Preschool teacher, and mom to a 8 year old, 10 year old, and 12 year old

"Taking the first step towards simplifying and de-cluttering our kid's things can be overwhelming but Sarah's course walks you through step-by-step so you can quickly and easily get your family's book collection under control."

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  I don't like the idea of limiting books.  Why should I rotate?

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, having less books at your child’s fingertips will actually get them MORE engaged with books.

2.  My house is entirely overwhelming!   Why should I start with my kids' books?

I know firsthand how overwhelming your house can feel when you’ve had everything else to focus on, and one day you realize how out of control all the "stuff" has gotten.  I work with families just like yours and the best place to start is somewhere!  

You could start with your closets, your kitchen, the kids’ toys, or on any other system (I have twelve!) but The Happy Book Nook is perfect place to start and I can tell you 3 reasons why:

First, starting with a book system doesn’t take a lot of time, and this mini-course is designed so that you get results as simply and easily as possible as I literally walk you step-by-step and show you what to do.  One of the bonuses (Bonus 1 - Action Plan) is a checklist showing the exact amount of time it takes to watch the training videos, what to do before moving the the next step, and what decisions need to be made, so it could not be easier for you to get your system in place.

Also, you and your kids will benefit immediately.  Clean-up time will be easier with less overall books around, your kids will be more engaged in their down time (perhaps implement some down time!), reading time will strengthen your relationship as its always a fun-time, and your bedtime routine will be more engaging with “new books” to read and discover week-to-week.  All this leads to a little more free time for you!  Yes!  Free time to do the next thing to lessen the overwhelm, whatever that is for you.

Finally, the book rotation system will also set the stage for you and your family to 1) get the momentum going for making changes in other areas,  2) implementing or strengthening routine and 3) introduce this idea of rotating so that its the natural next step to take with other areas of your home (like the toys!), and to fully see the beneficial affects of rotating on your specific household, your kids, and your situation with minimal investment.

3.  My kids are older (9 years and 12 years old).  Will this book rotation system work for our family? 

The Happy Book Nook is a book system designed for kids primarily in the age range of 6 months to 6 years old. 

Bonus 3 - (Must-Have Books) does have books listed for 2nd and 3rd grade readers.  However, rotating works best when books are shorter (like you can read them in one sitting), and not the longer chapter books.  

If ALL of your kids are older than 6 years old, sorry to say, this particular system is not right for you.  If you still have a kiddo younger than 6 years old, then this system will be perfect for that child, and then you still may adapt the primary system to your older kids.

4.  I have one baby at home.  Will this book rotation system work for me?

Yes!  Starting early with a system is perfect and you are ahead of the game.  In fact, Bonuses 3 and 4 will be perfect for you as you can build your wish list and library with books perfect your baby's development over time.  Plus, you will gain the know-how to make a super cozy book nook with the recommendations in those bonuses.

5.  We live in a really small apartment and storage is limited (almost non-existent).  Will this book rotation system work for us?

Yes!  The first rotation systems I implemented in my own home (for books as well as the Nest Happy Signature Tame the Toys) was in a small loft condo (like 850 sq. feet) as a family of four.  You do not need “storage” at all.  In fact, I specialize in small spaces and have tips throughout the training specifically for you.

6.  I don’t have time to implement a system right now.  Will you always be offering this deal?  What's the return policy?

This is a step-by-step system designed to get you results.  I want you to be completely satisfied, but also be committed to do the work.  Try the training for 30 days, and if you do the work, implement the system and are not happy, we will be happy to refund your entire purchase. Click here for full details.

I cannot promise that this cart will always be open, or at this price, or with these awesome bonuses.  If you make the investment today, you will however, have lifetime access.  You can snag your price now, including the support I will provide to you in-case you do get stuck.

7.  What happens when I decide to make the investment and enroll in The Happy Book Nook?

Great!  I’m so happy to have you!  After you click to enroll, you create an account on the course hosting site, Thinkific.  If you are already a Thinkific student, simply log in to complete your payment through the secure stripe payment system.  Then you will have instant access to all the course content, videos, downloads, and bonuses. 

You will have lifetime access, and get any upgrades or improvements to the program will be rolled out to you as well.

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What Other's are Saying:

Shannon, Mom to 5 year old girl, with baby brother on-the-way on Tame the Toys:

"Sarah helped implement her toy system in our playroom. It's a very well thought out system.  My daughter is playing with and enjoying toys she had forgotten she had and I have fewer items to help with clean up!  My husband was hesitant when I first told him my plan but he would now tell you what a transformation has taken place, and continues to, since working with Sarah."

Alicia, Mom to a 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy on Sarah, Nest Happy:

"Game changing. Liberating. Ground breaking. Is how I described my 2 hour session with Sarah. I consider myself pretty resourceful at squirreling things away - I have purged ruthlessly and optimized vertically. I shop at the Container Store. I own lots of bins and baskets. I have read the Kondo stuff. The Montessori stuff for the kids. And incorporated what I thought made sense into my life. But living space never quite looks as nice as I had hoped.

I'm going to be working with her more for sure. I deserve it. My family deserves it. It's more worthwhile than a 90 minute massage. More liberating than an hour of psychotherapy. More gratifying than a few personal training sessions.  I came out of our session feeling like I was on fire and I've been winning at life. I think everyone should do this at least once for their home. She gives you life skills. Concepts that I will use in any new home to come.

So grateful for Sarah's service."