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Tame the Toys

Create Calm with Your Nest Happy Toy Rotation System

Finally Control The Chaos and Easily Create A Simple & Effective Organized System for Your Kids,

Without a lot of time or energy.

You know you need TO DO something. Your house might look like a tornado ripped through it with stuff everywhere, or maybe your kids are not engaging for more than a few minutes with their toys...

The problem is not that they have the attention span of a flea, it's that your space is too overwhelming for learning to happen through play and reading books.  That, and you have not had any time to do anything about it.

How do you know where to begin?

Implementing this signature system is the perfect place to start.  The system helps you eliminate excess and create an environment for true learning.  In less time than you think, your house can look like a calm place for you to relax and for your kids to play independently.    

You need an organized space where your kids are engaged, there is less mess for everyone to clean-up AND you can set it up easily without a lot of time or breaking the bank...



by Sarah Hembree, Nest Happy

Now online! Get the tools countless local clients have benefitted from and discover how...

  • A system increases the lifetime of your toys, makes for easier clean-up, and is actually fun for the whole family!
  • To make de-cluttering and simplifying even easier and sustainable over time
  • To calm the clutter storm in less time than you think
  • Your whole family can feel less overwhelmed and be more engaged
  • The right kinds of toys can aid in learning and your child's development
  • To increase the attention-span of your children (yes I'm talking un-interrupted showers!)

For the price of a few toys you can have a system that will increase the "lifetime" of your existing toys over-and-over-and-over again!

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Sarah Hembree
Sarah Hembree
Nest Happy

About the instructor

Its me! Sarah! Yes, I'm a professional organizer and I make it easier for your to get the results, faster, with me as your leader.

  • As a mom of two young boys I've been there and know where you are starting from and where you might get stuck.
  • I'm proud of my systems as they are field tested and I know THEY WORK!
  • I've laid out a detailed, most efficient framework for you to literally follow and do, what I do, in the instruction videos.

When you grab this offer, you also get access to me and all your questions answered when they arise.

All the info is instantly accessible at your fingertips and organized step-by-step.

What about the Bonuses?

  • BONUS 1:  1:1 Support With Sarah - Getting you results as fast as possible, Sarah will ensure the process is crystal clear and can talk you through anything with a bonus 30-minute 1:1 phone call.  This bonus is limited to the founding members and will be going away very soon.

  • MORE BONUSES TO COME: As a founding member, you will get lifetime access to this program and all the upgrades and improvements, including curated toy lists covering every category of play.

So What's the Investment?

Typically, my clients invest one 4-hour session with me to create their toy rotation system. However...

When you snag this offer, you get instant access to the content (instructions and download pdfs) for an Early Bird Price of just $47.

This Early Bird Price will go up after the first set of online students, and as video content is added, so now is the time to buy it.

Enjoy life-time access, receive  all updates and upgrades, and log in anytime 24/7 to view the material.

Are you ready to create YOUR Tame The Toys System?

Yes, Sarah, I'm ready to create calm in my home!

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What Other's are Saying:

Shannon, Mom to 5 year old girl, with baby brother on-the-way on Tame the Toys:

"Sarah helped implement her toy system in our playroom. It's a very well thought out system.  My daughter is playing with and enjoying toys she had forgotten she had and I have fewer items to help with clean up!  My husband was hesitant when I first told him my plan but he would now tell you what a transformation has taken place, and continues to, since working with Sarah."

Brynna, Mom to 3.5 year old girl on Tame The Toys:

"I am really happy with Sarah’s toy system!  Not only is our house less cluttered, but my daughter is playing more intently with the toys that are out.  She has been rediscovering and enjoying toys that had been lost in the piles before.  It's great!"

Alicia, Mom to a 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy on Sarah, Nest Happy:

"Game changing. Liberating. Ground breaking. Is how I described my 2 hour session with Sarah. I consider myself pretty resourceful at squirreling things away - I have purged ruthlessly and optimized vertically. I shop at the Container Store. I own lots of bins and baskets. I have read the Kondo stuff. The Montessori stuff for the kids. And incorporated what I thought made sense into my life. But yet....my living space never quite looks as nice as I had hoped.

I'm going to be working with her more for sure. I deserve it. My family deserves it. It's more worthwhile than a 90 minute massage. More liberating than an hour of psychotherapy. More gratifying than a few personal training sessions.  I came out of our session feeling like I was on fire and I've been winning at life. I think everyone should do this at least once for their home. She gives you life skills. Concepts that I will use in any new home to come.

So grateful for Sarah's service."